VHA Licence

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When buying or selling a VHA licence or VHA plate, its important you choose the person with the best reputation to help you. Francesco Raco Managing director of RSV Limo has over 25 years experience in the limousine and  hire car industry in Melbourne and is the name you can trust if you have an MH licence otherwise known as a VHA licence for sale.

We assist the seller to find a buyer and we help a buyer get a VHA plate.

If you have any questions relating to the purchase or sale of a VHA licence or vha plate, please do not hesitate to call Francesco directly on 0418569626 or email frank@rsv.com.au

Common Misunderstandings for the term VHA licence or VHA plate

Although i also refer in my opening paragraph to VHA Licence or VHA plate, this term is actually incorrect. The correct name for the licence is MH (metropolitan hire car) licence. VHA and VHB are only the sequence of letters on number plates reserved for vehicles that have a MH licence attached. For example a vehicle with a licence  MH- XXXX attached, may have a registration number of VHA -XXX or VHB – XXX. Country Hire Cars are issued with VHC -XXX.

Why Do You Need an VHA Licence or VHA plate

The reason why you need an MH licence is so that you may legally hire out your vehicle for the carriage of paying customers. The licences are of an unrestricetd nature, which allow one to cover any form of booking requirement customers may have. Unlike a taxi however, these bookings are required to be pre-booked and price negotiated with the customer at that point.

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Governing Body

In Victoria, The TSC (Taxi Services Commission) is the the governing body responsible for the administration of the Taxi and Hire car industry. Their address currently is Level 23, 80 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 TEL: 1800 638 802 (toll-free)