RSV LIMO – Terms and Conditions of Hire

Covid Terms and Conditions during state of emergency

Booking fee reduced from 40% to between 20 and 25%
We do not ask to be paid in full before the date, so balances may be paid on day at time of arrival in cash.
If covid restrictions impact your day, we do not refund the booking fee, however we do keep it as a credit towards a future booking to be used within 12 months of original hire date.

Our Terms and Conditions

Here after RACO SPECIAL VEHICLES or RSV LIMO shall be known as the Company and the person who made the reservation, and or the person signing the confirmation and or the person being emailed the reservation confirmation, shall be known as Hirer. It will be deemed that the Hirer accepts full responsibility for every person in his/her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:

1. All bookings must be confirmed with a NON REFUNDABLE booking fee of up to 40% of total hire charge. The balance is due 6 weeks prior to the hire date and non-refundable after this point. All credit card payments made to the Company by the Hirer are subject to a 2% surcharge.

2. All bookings made with the Company require the Hirer to provide a valid credit card number as security against any damage to the vehicle or loss sustained by the Company during the hire period as well as any overtime charges incurred. The Hirer accepts the credit card provided will be billed by the Company for any damages and or clean up costs and overtime incurred during the period of hire.

3. The Company does not accept responsibility for any delays caused by any unforeseen circumstance including but not limited to; adverse weather, poor road conditions, road works, traffic congestion breakdowns or car accidents. In the event unforeseen circumstances arise, all attempts shall be made by the Company to notify and inform the Hirer of the potential situation, whatever the situation may be. The Company will not offer any compensation should such a situation arise.

4. The Company accepts no responsibility for mechanical, electrical or material break down, however it may be caused. In this unlikely event, every effort will be made to either repair the vehicle or replace the vehicle with alternative vehicle/vehicles at the Company’s discretion. If an alternative vehicle cannot be supplied, a refund of monies payed to the Company for the vehicle in question, will be made.

5. As a safety precaution, with exception to emergencies, the Hirer expressively accepts that only the chauffeur employed by the Company may open and close vehicle doors. The Company and its chauffeur will not accept responsibility or liability for injury; accidents or damage caused as a consequence of the Hirer and or his/her party failing to adhere to this condition.

6. The Hirer accepts the Company’s NO SMOKING policy in all of its vehicles. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the immediate termination of the hire agreement without refund to the Hirer.

7. The Company will not accept responsibility or liability for any illegal substances or articles transferred into the vehicles by the Hirer and or its party. Breaking any state or federal laws regarding possession and trafficking of illegal substances will result in immediate termination if the hire agreement without refund.

8. The chauffeur reserves the right to stop the vehicle or refuse entry to the vehicle as a result of any person/persons unruly, abusive or drunken behaviour, which may be detrimental to others, or deemed to be mistreating the vehicle.

9. This agreement is between the Hirer and the Company. The Hirer is at least 18 years of age

10. In the event the Hirer makes a booking on the behalf of someone else, then the Hirer shall be bound to advise the party of passengers of these terms and conditions

11. As at July 1st 2018, the Victorian State Government introduced a Commercial Passenger Vehicle Levy (CPVL) of $1.10 including GST. This will be added to each and every vehicle booking at time of booking

12. The company reserves the right to change these conditions without notice